Discover the tangible, moveable three-dimensional world of FORMs, in which you can view the FORMs as spheres from all angles and even generate them yourself.

We continue to work on this project and will not only publish our own, but also visualizations/animations of our readers here.

Algebraic Demonstration

On page 38 of the uFORM iFORM book, the logical equivalence of ((a)b) forms of certain re-entry depths is demonstrated. In the following animation you can see the course of the transformation.

For best performance, we recommend you use the Google Chrome browser.

Experiment with your own FORMs

Generate, observe, modify your own 3D FORMs.

Select the FORM you want to create using the interface. To do this, you can use the arrow to the right of the input field to select one of the predefined formulas or enter your own. By clicking on "Generate FORM(s)" (and if your formula input is valid), the generated FORMs appear in the center of the area. Above them you can always see the formula for all visible FORMs; you can copy these and reuse them for your formula input or keep them for later.

Notation note: FORMs are symbolized by round brackets: (), variables either as single characters in upper- or lowercase letters or as strings of characters in quotes: "Apple". Example: ("I"("You"))x(y(z)).

You can edit already created FORMs by clicking on them and either generate more FORMs within the selected FORM by clicking on "Generate in FORM selection" or delete the selected FORM (and its content) by clicking on the button below. In the same way you can also delete variables or – by clicking on the empty area – all objects.


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